Smoking Rates Are at All Time Low

Smoking Rates Are at All Time Low

Smoking Rates Are at All Time Low

As NBC News reported, approximately 42 percent of adults in the country smoked in the 1960s.

Just 13.9 per cent of the United States population smokes cigarettes, according to a U.S. government report on Tuesday which said the American smoking rate has reached "the lowest level ever recorded".

There hadn't been much change the previous two years, but it's been clear there's been a general decline and the new figures show it's continuing, said K. Michael Cummings of the tobacco research program at Medical University of SC.

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However, large disparities remain, with people living in rural areas still far more likely to smoke than city-dwellers, said the latest CDC report. For perspective, 50 years ago, more than 40% of Americans were smokers.

In 2017, 14% of US adults reported that they were smokers, according to the NCHS's National Health Interview Survey.

The decline is linked to an understanding that smoking can cause cancer, heart disease, and other health problems.

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The decline in smoking rates shows a positive improvement and great step toward continuing to reduce smoking-related deaths and illnesses. The survey shows data from 2017 to 2006, when the adult smoking rate was almost 21 percent.

Less credit is given to e-cigarettes, which have been marketed as a means to curb tobacco smoking but pose unknown health risks and attract more nonsmoking youths than adult smokers. "While the progress is welcome. much more needs to be done to ensure all Americans benefit from policies created to address tobacco use", said Paul Billings, senior vice president. The campaigns included cigarette taxes, smoking bans in public places as well as educational drives. About 27,000 adults were interviewed past year. Smokers who intend to quit smoking can call the DH's Integrated Smoking Cessation Hotline on 1833 183.

Only 13.9 percent of American adults smoked cigarettes in 2017, down from 16 percent in 2016 and 20.8 percent in 2006. In a report released last week, only 7.6% of high school students reported smoking cigarettes.

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