Sen. Graham: "China is trying to play President Trump though North Korea"

Rand Paul slams Lindsey Graham as a ‘danger to the country’ after he said this

Lindsey Graham to Democrats: Either 'Peace or War' with North Korea

Rand Paul said during a televised interview.

Sen. Lindsey Graham says despite President Trump signing a "comprehensive agreement" with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un, it's simply an "agreement in principle" that must first come to Congress for approval. Lindsey Graham explains why he doesn't mind putting the joint exercises on hold but "violently" objects to withdrawing troops from South Korea.

Donald Trump 'rips up official papers that aides have to tape together'
Lartey said he was never given an explanation for his firing, which he said came at the end of the day on March 23. Lartey wasn't the only records management analyst to complain about the absurdity and indignity of his job.

"Senator Lindsey Graham, your colleague, he wants an authorization for the use of military force in case the talks fail", Paul said.

"That doesn't make the world more peaceful - it makes it more unsafe", Graham added, noting that he supports Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer's (D-N.Y.) proposed deal urging the president to work toward "incremental progress" with North Korea negotiations. "My goodness. That should be something that is seen as naive and seen as something that really serious people shouldn't even be discussing".

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United are believed to be paying over £50m to secure the signature of the player, who was linked with City in the January transfer window.

Blitzer then asked Paul to elaborate.

"It's also gotten us involved in dozens and dozens of wars where it's not really clear what the American interest is in those wars and I think sometimes the reaction to our involvement in those wars has actually been worse than if we had not been involved at all", he said. "So I reject that analysis that it costs too much, but I do accept the proposition, let's stand down and see if we can find a better way here", the SC lawmaker said on "Anderson Cooper 360".

Senators Move To Reverse Trump's Deal Lifting Sanctions On China's ZTE
Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) told the Wall Street Journal that he agrees the penalties are severe. "For me, it was more than that". The move came amid lawmakers' escalating objections on national security grounds to Trump's softening on ZTE since last month.

"There is no threat to America that Senator Paul will not retreat from", he added.

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