‘Profound talks’: North Korean media hail Kim-Trump summit

The summit will be the first between a North Korean leader and a sitting American president.

That gives a country leverage as demonstrated by this week's meeting between North Korea's Kim Jong Un and U.S. President Donald Trump in Singapore. Technically, the United States and North Korea remain in a state of war.

"I can only say this", Pompeo said.

The North has presented Kim's sudden diplomatic overtures to the country's neighbours and the U.S. as a logical next step and completion of his plan to develop a credible nuclear deterrent in response to what Pyongyang says is a policy of "nuclear blackmail" by Washington.

"And we'll see how far we get, but I'm very optimistic that we will have a successful outcome from tomorrow's meeting between these two leaders".

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"The idea is to force North Korea to do a quick and complete denuclearization and not to drag it out, which will make the United States look like a fool", Zhang said "The problem here is: Will Kim accept this?"

Kim's Diplomatic Win Just meeting with Trump will be a diplomatic accomplishment for Kim, who has emerged from isolation in recent months and rapidly increased his outreach to other world leaders.

"This would bring us a step closer to reunification." she said.

Before flying to Singapore, Mr. Trump was in Canada for the G-7 summit with leaders from Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and the U.K. All seven leaders had worked out a joint statement stressing the importance of a rules-based worldwide trading system.

Cho Sung-kwon, a 62-year-old pensioner, added: "It would be a good thing if we stop fighting".

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While advisers say Trump has been reviewing briefing materials, the president insists his gut instincts will matter most when he gets in the room with Kim. He said last week that he expects to know "within the first minute" of their meeting if Kim is serious about giving up his weapons.

"There are only two people that can make decisions of this magnitude".

"How awesome it would be if we are reunited like Germany!"

It's a big break from Pyongyang's usual behaviour, which doesn't - as a rule - report on Mr Kim's activities until he is safely back in Pyongyang. Kim's move was an encouraging sign, to be sure, but it was not an agreement on "denuclearization". "But cross-border exchanges and travels would be desirable".

Trump and Kim touched down on a sweltering early summer day in Singapore, the city-state founded in the early 19th Century as a British colony because of its position at the intersection of sea lanes between Europe and Asia.

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Experts believe the North is close to being able to target the entire US mainland with its nuclear-armed missiles, and while there's deep skepticism that Kim will quickly give up those hard-won nukes, there's also some hope that diplomacy can replace the animosity between the USA and the North. It was about 90 degrees and sunny, with humidity at about 70 percent, when Kim arrived.

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