North Korea sanctions remain until complete denuclearisation, says US

"Just landed - a long trip, but everybody can now feel much safer than the day I took office", he tweeted.

"It is something that (North Korea) very much appreciated".

The remark was part of a blast of tweets that Trump fired off even as Air Force One touched down at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland outside the USA capital and brought Trump back home.

Kim Jong-Un, left, inspects the ballistic rocket Hwasong-12 in North Korea.

Denuclearization or the "complete, verifiable, and irreversible dismantlement" of North Korea's nuclear weapons - long the hallowed and increasingly unrealistic U.S. objective - was present only in name.

In North Korea on Wednesday, Pyongyang's first reports on the summit stressed to the nation's people that Trump had agreed to Kim's demand to halt the military exercises and suggested that Trump also said he would lift sanctions as negations progressed.

Ri's image has often appeared on South Korean coverage of major events in North Korea, meaning some South Koreans, associating her with ominous developments, dread her appearance.

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Trump and Kim met in Singapore on Tuesday.

South Korea's five-member delegation is led by Major General Kim Do-gyun. "We're hopeful that we can achieve that in the next - what is it - two and a half years, something like that", he said.

News that Kim did not utter North Korea's usual claim has started raising hopes among Japanese government officials that there may be room to resume bilateral negotiations with Pyongyang.

To China, the agreement sounded like one they had been pushing all along, a "suspension for suspension", where the USA stops military drills with South Korea in exchange for North Korea halting missile and nuclear tests.

Observers expect a visit by a North Korean official to Beijing soon, as the traditional allies will want to consult going forward.

President Donald Trump's remarks about North Korea no longer being a nuclear threat were made "with eyes wide open", U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Thursday. Officials in China and Russian Federation have called for sanctions relief to be considered, while South Korea has been aggressively pursuing a rapprochement with North Korea.

The United States has long insisted on complete, verifiable and irreversible denuclearization by North Korea. "The V matters", he said.

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The short term first: the full text of the statement is, to be honest, a nothingburger. "You're just wrong about that".

"Let me assure you that "complete" encompasses "verifiable" in the minds of everyone concerned", Pompeo told reporters in Seoul Wednesday.

Pushing back even more against the question, Pompeo called it "insulting and ridiculous and frankly ludicrous".

The drill is designed in the spirit of the US-South Korean mutual defense treaty of 1953, the Pentagon said.

"One should heavily discount some things that are written in other places ... including from some of your colleagues", Pompeo told reporters Wednesday.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo angrily dismissed those concerns, saying that the language used in the agreement encompassed USA demands, even though they weren't spelled out, and predicting that significant progress on denuclearization will be made by 2021. Then on Thursday night, Fox News aired an interview filmed during Trump's return flight from Singapore in which he defended Kim again.

Without his nuclear arsenal, Kim wouldn't have been even able to sit down and negotiate with Trump, according to Cotton, a member of the armed service committee who backed the president's efforts in Singapore. "You think our country's so innocent?"

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Trump and Kim's joint statement does not parse those details, nor does it commit Pyongyang to any steps that it has not vowed to take in negotiations past, including in 1994, 2004 or in 2012, under three different presidents.

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