NCAA changes redshirt rule eligibility

NCAA President Mark Emmert speaks during a news conference at the Final Four NCAA college basketball tournament Thursday

NCAA changes redshirt rule eligibility

The outgoing rule that required athletes to get permission before transferring was meant to prevent schools from recruiting athletes from other schools.

The NCAA Division I Council approved the change, effective October 15, on Wednesday.

The long-awaited transfer reform ended up being a narrow change but should provide more freedom for athletes to transfer when and where they want.

The Transfer Working Group will continue working on other transfer issues, including rules surrounding postgraduate transfers, and still is exploring the possibility of uniform transfer rules.

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In years past, if a player wanted to leave a school, the school, if it granted the player permission to contact other schools, could place restrictions on the school the player speaks to. Without permission from the original school, the athlete can not get financial aid from another school, essentially blocking a transfer.

"I think this new rule will be a great opportunity for a student-athlete and their overall college experience", Mendenhall said in a statement provided by a spokesman. Once the name is in the database, other coaches can contact that student.

As we've seen in recent weeks with the SEC voting to allow inter-conference graduate transfers, the Power Five conferences can implement their own nuances to a national rule.

For instance, in May 2017, Kansas State football coach Bill Snyder initially blocked 35 schools for wide receiver Corey Sutton to attend when he informed the Wildcats he wanted to transfer. The NCAA release does say, however, that conferences can still make rules within this process that are more restrictive than the national rule.

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The previous transfer rule, which required student-athletes to get permission from their current school to contact another school before they can receive a scholarship after transfer, was meant to discourage coaches from recruiting student-athletes from other Division I schools.

The proposal was discussed by the council back in April and was tabled at that time before being passed on Wednesday afternoon.

"The Division I Council adopted a proposal this week that creates a new "notification-of-transfer" model", the NCAA writes. A player who moves from one ACC school to another must sit out one season and will lose a season of eligibility. This is only one step removed from the most serious infraction, a Level 1 violation. As of now, schools can not cut off an athlete's financial aid based on intent to transfer at the end of a term - but the NCAA will vote on two different proposals that would allow institutions to end aid after an athlete's intent to transfer has been made clear. The autonomy conferences will consider, by an electronic vote, two different proposals to allow schools to cancel the aid.

American Football Coaches Association executive director Todd Berry lobbied for the redshirt rule change for years and reiterated it had "unanimous" support from the coaches.

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