Millions of British children exposed to harmful pollution

Millions of British children exposed to harmful pollution

Millions of British children exposed to harmful pollution

Parents are being urged to ditch the vehicle for the school run and walk or cycle with their children along quiet routes to protect them from air pollution.

We don't always see it but air pollution harms our health. Our report called on Government to promote cross-departmental working, force auto manufacturers to contribute to a Clean Air Fund, and commit real financial support to local authorities breaching NO2 limits.

A new working group, led by the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) in collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians (RCP), will consider the potentially harmful impact of indoor air pollution on child health and how it can be combatted, in a new study.

The BHF is urging government to make this happen by adopting World Health Organisation (WHO) air quality guidelines into United Kingdom law.

The report also said that improvements to air quality can only be sustained by co-ordinated cross-departmental action on policy development, legislation, taxation and spending.

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Our sustained work on combating air pollution has resulted in a trend of air quality improving over recent years.

This will require any individual bus operating on a public local bus service, into the Clean Air Zone, five or more times per day to be ultra low emission bus standard.

"While services can get busy during peak times, this free travel offer is aimed at encouraging people to think about changing travel habits".

The council are urging people to look into other modes of transport when they need to travel. "It might take me a couple of minutes longer but if it reduces Ariyan's exposure to air pollution, then it's worth it".

"We wouldn't make our children drink dirty water, so why are we allowing them to breathe dirty air?"

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Wandsworth council is holding a series of events across the borough, including a string of events in borough schools teaching young people about reducing air pollution.

We are one of the organisations that have pledged funding for the continuation of this project.

Waltham Forest council in the north east of London is also working with schools to promote Clean Air Day, having recruited more than 30 schoolchildren to become Air Quality Ambassadors ahead of the event.

Together they called on government to do more to tackle the growing menace of polluted air in towns and cities, including: a ban on the sale of new pure diesel and petrol cars and vans by 2030; a targeted national vehicle renewal scheme; more support to deliver Clean Air Zones; and a national Clean Air Act to tackle the scourge of air pollution. Tackling air pollution is not just on one day a year, so teachers can still plan a lesson after the day.

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