Microsoft drops official technical support for older products on community forums

Microsoft Pulls tech support Windows 7 8.1 Microsoft answers

Microsoft drops official technical support for older products on community forums

As with Windows 7 and 8.1, those products are all past their official support lifecycle as well.

Microsoft's Answers Community is operated by Microsoft.

While the forums are more miss than hit usually when it comes to finding help, they are certainly very popular as lots of users post there on a daily basis.

People can fix their issues by getting answers from other users. The quality of Microsoft Agent support is not always the best, however, as you will get copy and paste responses often at first.

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Microsoft Band - this topic will be locked. Microsoft Staff, however, will still be present in these parts of the Answers forum and will instead moderate and ensure a safe and positive environment.

Naturally, it makes sense that these products are discontinued as Microsoft no longer supports them regardless. Support for the following products is being discontinued across various forums in the Microsoft Answers community.

In a forum post, Microsoft said that effective July Microsoft staff will no longer provide technical support for the above-mentioned products.

Some of our readers remain loyal users and fans of Windows 7, loathing anything to do with Windows 10.

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Customers are still able to get paid support from Microsoft through to the end of the extended support periods.

On the Volish news groups it is being seen as a cunning plan by Microsoft to force users to upgrade to Windows 10 and the later products. While the operating system is one of the most loved Windows versions ever designed, its maker is ending tech forum support starting next month.

Now You: Do you use the Microsoft Answers forum?

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