Help the ocean by changing habits with single-use plastic items

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Humanity's never-ending quests for comfort and luxury, as well as growing human population, have taken such a toll on Mother Earth that today several species of animals and plants are on the verge of extinction.

Going forward, we must promote sustainable use of oceans. Plastic pollution is causing tremendous harm to our marine resources. And in fact the key, the good message, is that we've put forward the idea that the state of the ocean is not as bad as may be reflected in the mass media, and the options to recover the ocean to a healthy state are far better than we now think, and we can rebuild and help the ocean within one generation.

WORLD Oceans Day is a day dedicated to celebrating the world's oceans, their incredible diversity and the critical role they play in sustaining life on land. The first provides an introduction to the problem.

However, he also warned that increased efforts are needed to combat threats to the oceans posed by pollution and other problems: "On this day, I want to recall the urgent need to address the enormous challenges that our oceans are faced with: climate change, pollution, environmental degradation and unsustainable management of their resources".

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Together, we can and will make a real difference!

The estimated number of tons of plastic that enter oceans annually. It's been estimated that by 2050, 99 percent of sea birds will have plastic in their stomachs. "We hope that our study will make a contribution to a positive development so that the plastic problem in our oceans can be curbed in the long run". Upwards of 51 trillion micro-plastic particles measuring less than 5mm across already follow the tides, adding to an estimated 1.8 trillion larger pieces. Additionally, American Express is committing to reduce the use of single-use plastic within its operations globally.

Every little bit of plastic that gets tossed into the ocean or swept downstream out to sea either sinks or is picked up by currents. "A framework needs to be put in place so that businesses that go into plastics recovery or recycling don't think that it will be a loss-maker".

The county is also engaging local communities in weekly cleanups to mop up plastics from the environment. Things like pollution, unsustainable fish farming and climate change all put our handsome oceans at risk. "Our ultimate goal is to inspire people to become ocean stewards in whatever way they can".

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E-waste is a effect of this digital age.

It is swallowed by fish and other marine life. "Before you throw it in the bin, look to see if the manufacturer offers a recycling service". Demand for recycled plastic in Europe is around 6%, the report said. In fact, Dell is now running a pilot programme to reuse gold from e-waste in millions of new motherboards.

This years' theme is "Preventing Plastic Pollution and encouraging solutions for a Healthy Ocean". "Aligning with this theme, Dell has announced its "#PitchInShoreUp" campaign in the month of April.

They later joined other citizens at the Mama Ngina grounds to celebrate the World Ocean Day.

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Keep our beaches clean. In India, Dell employees will be participating in an afforestation program by creating "seed bombs". This is a palpable issue, a major environmental problem that needs tackling from the root, from the pollution sources. Learn more at and connect with us on,,,, and

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