Fox News host apologizes for calling Kim Jong Un, Trump 'two dictators'

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Scaramucci brushed right past Huntsman's apparent gaffe and instead offered praise for Trump's foreign policy strategy.

Huntsman, whose father is Jon Huntsman, the ambassador to Russian Federation and former Republican presidential candidate, was discussing Trump's arrival with Anthony Scaramucci, one of Trump's short-lived White House communications directors. Huntsman was discussing Donald Trump's arrival and his meeting with the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un scheduled in Singapore.

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Mr Scaramucci did not appear to notice the error, and replied: "Yeah, because Trump is a disruptive risk-taker".

"This is history", Huntsman said over video showing Trump arriving in Singapore ahead of Tuesday's meeting with Kim.

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Though he's confident he can totally play Trump, the North Korean dictator did admit Trump could surprise him by being merely played.

President Trump referred to the summit as a "one-time shot" and Kim told Singapore's Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong that "entire world is watching".

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"I feel that Kim Jong Un wants to do something great for his people, and he has that opportunity. It's about attitude", Trump said earlier this week about the Summit.

"Anthony, talk to us about this moment", she said, turning to Scaramucci.

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Looking for news you can trust? "I did not mean that, my mistake, so I apologize for that". But catching a Freudian slip that shades Trump coming from the mouth of a Fox and Friends host?! "Everyone makes mistakes. We're all human".

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