Fallout 76 Takes Players To An Online-Only West Virginian Wasteland

Everything we know about 'Fallout: 76'

Fallout Shelter now on Nintendo Switch, PS4

See how the game looks and get details on what it is and when you're going to be able to play it below.

Debuting a new gameplay trailer at E3, Bethesda showed of the abandoned Vault 76 on the supposed Reclamation Day celebrations in Fallout 76. "It was an idea that we just couldn't shake, and we knew we had to do it and do it in a really big way". After a quick sketch making fun of Skyrim coming onto multiple systems (including Amazon's Alexa and smart fridges), we got into discussion of the game proper. The Fallout 76 Power Armor Edition will also include a power armor helmet with some functional bits.

According to Howard, the main crux of the story revolves around a quest given to you by your Overseer.

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You can play the game single-player, if you want, but the idea is that every single person in the world of Fallout 76 is real - the emphasis is clearly on multiplayer. If you don't see it right now, it should be there sometime tonight. But the easiest way to survive will be to play with others. "This game builds upon the building mechanics in the last game and sports it as one of its new core feature", Howard explained.

Launching on November 14 of this year, as an online title this will be the first time that Bethesda conducts a beta for a Fallout title. Instead players and groups will be able to setup camps anywhere and everywhere and create their own little communities or shacks or fortresses of solitude - thanks to the power of Construction and Assembly Mobile Platforms (C.A.M.P.). It's what Todd Howard calls "Softcore Survival" - death won't mean that you lose your character, and you'll only be in a world with "dozens, not hundreds or thousands" of other players.

Unique to Fallout 76 are nuclear armaments that can be completely controlled by players. It first launched on iOS and Android in 2015.

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It all sounds important, but then Bethesda dropped a bomb.

You can even go to the nuked area after the dust has settled to gather valuable resources, but of course, with that reward comes the great risk of radiation and even more monsters.

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