Doom: Eternal announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC


Doom: Eternal announced for PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Bethesda has revealed the sequel to id Software's 2016 DOOM game, DOOM Eternal. The developers did say there would be twice as many demons, and that the Doom Slayer would feel even more powerful.

Hugo Martin, creative director of Doom Eternal, and Marty Stratton, executive producer of Doom Eternal, to introduce the game.

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However if you were hoping for more details, Bethesda doesn't have any to give.

This sequel doesn't really have any announced platforms or release year. The video shows us a awful hellscape that looks like it's actually Earth. The world is devastated, with corpses and fire and giant tentacles aplenty. He loads a shotgun, cocks it, and takes aim.

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Let's just hope the multiplayer is better in Doom Eternal.

How long will you have to wait to rip and tear your way through a new host of demons? Sounds good to me; sign me right up. Specifically during Quakecon 2018 on August, where they usually show exclusive previews to fans and press.

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Obviously from the teaser trailer, it means that whatever happened in Mars happened on Earth too.

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