Cork-based chefs pay tribute to the late Anthony Bourdain

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The TV personality's friend, French chef, Eric Ripert, had found him unresponsive in his hotel room. The passion with which Anthony Bourdain did his work, the world is going to sorely miss him. "I communicate for a living but I'm bad at communicating with people I care about".

Lotti plans to dine at the Chambard's restaurant, and "I will have a thought about him". A household name all over the world, Anthony lived out much of his life in front of the camera, penned down few books and hosted shows to explore global cuisines.

Psychiatrist Dr. Gail Saltz told "CBS This Morning: Saturday" that the best way to start a conversation with a loved one or friend you are anxious about is to simply start with, "Can I talk to you".

Suicide is a growing problem in the United States, where rates have increased by 25% nationwide over almost two decades ending in 2016. "I'm lean, my alcohol bloat has gone and I do Brazilian jiu-jitsu every day". And at CNN in NY, an employee placed post-it notes with hearts on one of his posters.

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"I enjoyed his show", the president added. Bourdain was 61 and Spade was 55. In a 2008 interview with The Associated Press, Bourdain had said his daughter's birth had changed his outlook on life: "I feel obliged to at least do the best I can and not do anything really stupidly self-destructive if I can avoid it".

Images of the casual dinner went viral after Bourdain, known for his love of adventurous street food, described the date in a series of tweets and an Instagram post.

I felt I couldn't allow myself to admit to such pain and "weakness" publicly for risk of damaging my "brand".

I remained quiet. And when I was dangerously close to the precipice, I got some help, and things did begin to turn around. But I can confidently say no one wants to feel like they are fighting their own mind, and emotions, and losing.

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If you or anyone you know is struggling with any of the mentioned topics above or having thoughts of harming themselves, please reach out to a trusted peer, parent or councillor.

The chef was loved by people all over the world. I pray for you all.

Sensitive coverage of suicides is necessary to prevent suicide contagion - a phenomenon in which exposure to suicide through someone's family, peer group, or through the media increases the odds of other people harming or killing themselves, said John Draper, the director of the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.

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