Broccoli coffee is a thing, because you're not eating your vegetables


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Well, Australian coffee shop goers can drink broccoli coffee; for now, Americans are safe from seeing the Breve Broccoli Frappuccino on Starbucks menus and beyond.

Entitled "Broccoli: Better Latte Than Never", it may make some of your hearts break a little.

According to CSIRO, every two tablespoons of the powder equals a full serving of nutritious broccoli.

"Research shows the average Australian is still not eating the recommended daily intake of vegetables a day, and options such as broccoli powder will help address this", Lloyd said Wednesday.

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The broccoli latte received mixed reviews for its debut at a Melbourne cafe.

He also said despite the increasing popularity of superfoods and health and wellness, Australian diets were still poor.

Lead CSIRO researcher Mary Ann Augustin said the broccoli is high in protein and fibre, and health-promoting bioactive phytochemicals, making it an ideal candidate for powder development.

Hort originally took the idea for the powder to CSIRO as a way to help people to increase their vegetable intake and find a use for broccoli that would otherwise end up in landfill because food retailers had declined to buy it for aesthetic reasons.

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The powder is part of a larger project that is looking into food waste reduction - creating products from veg that's too "ugly" for sale.

"Prototype extruded snacks with 20-100 per cent vegetable content were displayed during National Science Week at the Queen Victoria Market past year and were well-received by parents and even by kids".

The production process involves pre-treatment before drying and powdering the vegetable, to retain as much of the original colour, flavour and nutrients as possible.

"I see this project as the emerging new food trend", said John Said of broccoli producer Fresh Select.

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Though the powder can be added to your smoothies, dips, soups, and bread, CSIRO made a decision to try it out on coffee by introducing the "broccolatte" to one of the cafes in Melbourne. Australians do not eat enough vegetables and farmers across Australia will have access to an alternative market while improving farm yields and sustainability.

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