'Yanny Vs. Laurel' Debate: How To Hear It Both Ways

Do you hear 'Yanny' or 'Laurel'? This weird sound illusion is tearing the internet apart

'Yanny Vs. Laurel' Debate: How To Hear It Both Ways

"If you clip out the bottom, then you see more clearly where the Laurel is coming from, and if you see from higher, then you see a bit more where the Yanny is coming from".

What do you hear?!

"Whether you hear "Laurel" or Yanny, ' there's one thing I think we can all agree on, there's nothing that ever mattered less than this", Kimmel declared.

"The video is recorded in real life with sound coming out of my speakers". The auditory illusion consists of a man saying one word over and over.

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"It is synthesized speech and the output is a little ambiguous", Goetz said.

Eyewitness News heard different answers from just about everyone and not since the blue or white dress debate has some divided so many people. "Is the person more of a high-pitched voice or a low-pitched voice?" It can also be the psychological properties of our hearing system.

But they really are mixed together, and partially overlapping, which is what makes it sound different to different listeners, and why it's hard for people to switch their perception.

The first two formants, F1 and F2, are instrumental in being able to tell the different vowels apart. Completely ignoring the spectral power in the "middle" frequencies. "If you pay attention to the treble, the high frequencies or high pitches, you primarily hear Yanny", says Dr. Jace Wolfe with Hearts for Hearing.

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‪We can only hear one thing‬ ‪#GoCowboys‬ ‪#Yanny #Laurel‬. "It seems like the two words are overlying each other". She adds that sound can be filtered with our expectations.

Yet making those adjustments did not change the word for some. In this case, the sound is missing a few elements and your brain automatically makes a judgment, called interpolation, similar to how you can so easily read partially erased text. "Kind of like how words are made up of letters, spoken words are made up of phoneme categories". What can you hear?

It pains me to say this because I was Team Yanny. I loved it. And now you betray me?

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