Would you hang up on Google's AI?

During the keynote, Google shared that a few impressive updates will be coming to the Photos app.

Now, Google is looking to make subscribing to apps easier for both consumers and developers alike, with a series of new features announced today at Google's I/O conference.

Since the next generation of Sensus will run on Android, new apps and software updates will be available in real-time and can be automatically applied.This allows future Volvo cars to react to customer needs and offerdrivers up-to-date information and predictive services. "It turns out, we got the cheese wrong in our burger emoji". But after another nod to the team that fixed the floating foam on the beer emoji, the rest of the show was about artificial intelligence. Google is expanding Google Lens to work directly within the camera app on supported devices and gave it three new features to benefit users.

Responding to complaints that it wasn't doing enough to quell smartphone addiction, Google is adding (or improving) features that will help us achieve a better balance when it comes to using personal technology. While that would be a nice thing to see here on Android, it can't really happen until Google sorts out what the Back button is supposed to be on Android.

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And that's not the only Assistant-related news that Google announced today. "Good morning everyone", said one voice. A machine - Google's voice assistant - booked an appointment at a hair salon.

One of those voices will include that of All of Me singer John Legend, though Mr Pichai said his voice would only be available "in certain contexts" due to limited time spent in the studio. This means you'll be able to hold seemingly natural conversations with Google Assistant soon, instead of saying Hey Google after every other query. Google will be testing the digital assistant improvement in the months ahead. CNET's Scott Stein had thoughts about the demonstration. "It starts to open the door to really insane thoughts".

"Done correctly, it will save time for people and generate a lot of value for businesses", suggested Mr Pichai.

"The are taking a very human approach to technology, and convincing you people can continue to rely on Google", Blau said. Of course, another major place artificial intelligence could impact our lives is on the road.

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The advanced reporting was offered amid a solid handful of other developer features, including the ability to change SKU pricing with Google Play handling getting user confirmation through emails and push notifications; or handling the cancellation process if the user doesn't agree.

We'll have to wait until this Summer, as Google is not yet ready to roll these features out just yet.

We can say that it is a natural evolution of the Doze system introduced in Android Lollipop. We last saw Krafcik and Waymo CTO Dmitri Dolgov when they appeared in court to testify during the company's intellectual property battle with Uber. It can call up the app drawer with a long swipe, act as a home button with a tap, and makes accessing your quick tray of commonly used apps a breeze.

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