Winless Cleveland Browns to Get the 'Hard Knocks' Treatment

Cleveland Browns players during 2017 training camp — by Scott Piker

Cleveland Browns players during 2017 training camp — by Scott Piker

HBO has revealed that Cleveland has been selected as the next team to be featured on its documentary training camp series Hard Knocks. The Browns will be the 13th team to appear on the show.

Not to mention the fact that no fan base in America has experienced "hard knocks" with the degree of ferocity and regularity that Browns fans have. One of the new acquisitions, like Carlos Hyde or Tyrod Taylor or Jarvis Landry will be hoisted as proof that this regime acquires real football talent. Hard Knocks: Training Camp with the Cleveland Browns will conclude on September 4. This record, in combination with the recently-drafted star Baker Mayfield, has the makings of a juicy comeback story TV viewers love (and Cleveland die-hards are praying for). And given the fact the Browns have seen so many "franchise quarterbacks" come and go and fail under the weighty pressure of trying to turn the franchise around, all eyes are going to be on that #1 pick to see how he grows through camp.

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Last season, "Hard Knocks" showcased the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

HBO's cameras are certain to focus on Mayfield, the brash Heisman Trophy victor from Oklahoma the Browns chose over other quarterbacks.

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"I don't believe we're on Hard Knocks". "But if you use it as a sense of, 'OK, I got to block out everything else and just focus on playing ball, ' then that can be a great thing for us".

"You know, within about three, four days leading up to the draft I had a good feeling it was between Josh Allen and I, " he said. In 2013, Jackson was an assistant coach with the Bengals when they were featured.

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For any special Steelers' interest, Chris Hubbard signed a five-year deal with the Browns and will be their starting right tackle. "We are excited about what we are building within our organization and feel good about the progress we have made this off-season", Jackson said optimistically.

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