White House Weighs in on Laurel vs. Yanny Debate: 'I Hear Covfefe'

Brainstorm or Green Needle

Brainstorm or Green Needle

The White House posted a video of various members of the Trump administration, including daughter Ivanka Trump and vice president Mike Pence, revealing what they hear the ear-teaser say.

Unless you live under an internet-less rock, you've probably been asked the question sometime this week: yanny or laurel?

The voice recording, which appears to be from a toy and was shared on Reddit on Wednesday night, appears to say either "brainstorm" or "green needle" - depending on which one you think about.

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"All I hear is yanny", White House press secretary Sarah Sanders tells the camera, while counsellor Kellyanne Conway - known for coining the phrase "alternative facts" - answered: "It's laurel, but I could deflect and divert to yanny if you need me to".

Since the video clip floating around the 'net shows the names "Laurel" and "Yanny," the brain knows that it only has those two options to choose from.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders made a crack that touched on the president's attacks on news reporting he doesn't like, joking that the rumor that she heard laurel must have come from CNN, "because that's fake news".

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We've already had this discussion in the KOLR10 newsroom where people passionately debate if they hear Yanny or Laurel.

While there have been conflicting reports as to who was first to post the clip online, "Yanny vs. Laurel" went viral on Twitter after a YouTuber Cloe Feldman tweeted the recording Tuesday (May 15). Older adults often start losing their hearing within the higher-frequency range, meaning it's possible that more young people hear "Yanny".

"More: 'Laurel" or "yanny"?

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