Venezuela Launches Commission to Investigate Prison Riot

Venezuela Launches Commission to Investigate Prison Riot

Venezuela Launches Commission to Investigate Prison Riot

I have NEVER done anything wrong in my life.

"Joshua Holt and other American citizens are in danger". While he didn't provide details about the disturbance, or what sparked it, he said on Twitter that the delegates offered to coordinate with prison and judicial authorities to address the demands of inmates at El Helicoide, which is the headquarters of the feared Sebin intelligence police.

"This has never been like this ever, until now". Please send me help, please send people to save me.

"He hasn't had any justice whatsoever on trumped-up charges that are ridiculous", she said.

Holt, of Riverton, was incarcerated after he traveled to Venezuela to marry his fiance. Holt denies the charges. A short time later, he and his wife were arrested and accused of illegal possession of weapons.

Holt's trial was supposed to begin on Tuesday.

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There was no official information on the incident, but in videos posted on social media men identifying themselves as prisoners said they had taken over the headquarters of intelligence agency Sebin, known as the Helicoide, where hundreds of people are held. "They say they're doing things, but I'm still here", Holt said.

Authorities of Venezuela claim that Holt was working with the US government to overthrow President Nicolás Maduro, a plan they say involved him and his wife stockpiling weapons. "The Venezuelan government is directly responsible for their security and we will hold them responsible if anything happens to them".

The Trump administration has warned that it could put crippling oil sanctions on Venezuela if Maduro goes ahead with what the US and others consider a sham presidential election Sunday.

Richard Blanco, a Venezuelan lawmaker, said on Twitter some were injured during what he said was a rare development at the prison.

In addition to protests across the country, families of the inmates at El Helicoide have also gathered outside the prison hoping for news of their well-being.

Tensions between the USA and Venezuela have risen as President Donald Trump's administration considers oil sanctions on the country ahead of Venezuela's presidential election Sunday. Venezuelans will be voting for a new president on Sunday.

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The second clip continues: 'I'm calling on the people of America. The official said a representative of the department last visited Holt on April 6.

Early Thursday, Holt recorded a message which his family posted on Facebook.

Venezuelan authorities refused to meet with him, she said. Marco Rubio talks about him, he won't be released. They are saying that they want to kill me. Fellow inmates allege that guards paid non-political prisoners to carry out the attack.

Members of Utah's congressional delegation also were working for his release.

"We renew our call for the Government to release Joshua Holt on humanitarian grounds".

Utah Rep. Mia Love (R) said Wednesday that she has spoken with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and her office confirmed that the prison where Holt is being held was threatened by riots and violence but that he is safe. I am extremely concerned about this situation, but have been assured that Josh is safe at this time.

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