United Kingdom scientists may have cured the common cold

No one is immune to the common cold but scientists believe they may be close to finding a cure

No one is immune to the common cold but scientists believe they may be close to finding a cure

A long-awaited cure for the common cold may now be in sight, however, after scientists successfully stripped the virus of its armour. Washing hands before eating and after touching any outside thing will help.

The common cold is something that strikes down everyone at some point and it's reported to cost the world economy billions every year due to physician visits and missed days of work.

Cold viruses are not only plentiful and diverse, they also evolve rapidly, meaning they can quickly develop resistance to drugs. This makes vaccination an impossibility and gives our immune system a challenging task.

Although dealing with a cold is not a huge issue for most people, there are good reasons to keep hunting for ways to fight it.

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The Imperial College team came up with the idea for IMP-1088 when they were looking for a way to target NMT in malaria parasites.

"The common cold is an inconvenience for most of us, but can cause serious complications in people with conditions like asthma and COPD", said lead researcher Ed Tate, a professor of chemistry at Imperial College, in the statement.

The viruses can not become resistant to the molecule because it targets the human protein and not the virus. They found two likely molecules and discovered that they were most effective when they were combined. But what if there were one way to block the ability of all cold viruses from replicating-thereby fending off the sneezing, sore throat and general misery that they cause? Additionally, the molecule also works against viruses related to the cold virus, such as polio and foot and mouth disease viruses.

The results of the first tests were published today in the journal Nature Chemistry.

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The Imperial College London researchers were working on making a form of the drug that could be inhaled, to reduce the chance of side effects.

It took mere minutes for IMP-1088 to take effect on human lung cells in a laboratory trial. All types of the virus need NMP to make new copies of the virus.

Another concern is outlined by Prof.

Previous attempts to create drugs that target human cells rather than the virus have proven to be failures, while also showing themselves to be toxic. Common cold is communicable disease that means it spreads from on infected person to a healthy person.

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