Two-Headed Deer Found By Mushroom Hunter In Minnesota Forest

Conjoined Fawn 2

The fawns had normal fur heads and legs according to researchers

In May 2016, a mushroom hunter found the two-headed fawn "freshly dead" in the forest near Freeborn in Houston County.

The discovery was made in May 2016, when a mushroom hunter came across the twins about a mile from the Mississippi River in Freeburg, Minn., located in the southeast portion of the state. They found that the female deer had the same body, but the spine is dispersed in the thorax into two parts, so there were two separate necks and two separate heads. "Of the tens of millions of fawns born annually in the USA, there are probably abnormalities happening in the wild we don't even know about", said deer ecologist Gino D'Angelo of the University of Georgia, according to Science Alert.

"It's never been described before", Lou Cornicelli, co-author of the study and a wildlife research manager for the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, told FOX9.

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A CT scan of conjoined fawn twins.

The find is extremely rare, but scientists can't calculate the exact frequency at which this happens. There have only been two other cases of conjoined twins in white-tailed deer, neither made it through the full pregnancy.

- A two-headed white-tailed fawn found two years ago in a Minnesota forest is cementing its place as a landmark case among the oddities found in nature. "Of the tens of millions of fawns born annually in the USA, there are probably abnormalities happening in the wild we don't even know about", D'Angelo said in a press statement. The study also said that the fawns were "found groomed" suggesting "the doe tried to care for them after delivery". They had normal fur, heads, and legs.

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"Their anatomy indicates the fawns would never have been viable", D'Angelo told The Independent. They only had two hearts and two intestinal tracts but other than that all were shared. "The maternal instinct is very strong", D'Angelo added. They're more commonly seen in domestic animals - especially in cows and cows - but much less prevalent in wildlife.

Besides, the fawn's lungs were clean as if the creature would've never breathed air, this being the fact which let researchers conclude the creature has been stillborn.

After the study wrapped up, the twins were preserved by Robert Utne and taxidermist Jessica Brooks to create a realistic display.

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