Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen's Swampy Dealings Dissected by John Oliver


Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen's Swampy Dealings Dissected by John Oliver

Earlier this month, Novartis announced that special counsel Robert Mueller, who was appointed a year ago to oversee an ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 United States presidential election, enquired in November about the company's outflows to Cohen.

Oliver started off by joking Cohen was such a bad lawyer that Donald Trump had to say "I need someone good, get me Rudy Giuliani on the phone", to cheers from his audience.

Still, Stephenson emphasized that the company's dealings with Essential Consultants were all above board and perfectly legal. The company believed Cohen's taxi business represented a conflict of interest, according to a person close to Uber. "But the fact is, our past association with Cohen was a serious misjudgment". He was occasionally successful: Swiss drugmaker Novartis shelled out a staggering $1.2 million for his esteemed services, while AT&T paid something like $600,000, and lobbying firm Squire Patton Boggs paid $500,000 for the privilege of adding Cohen to their roster.

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"Millions of dollars for access to Trump", Oliver said, "which is just weird because I naturally assumed you gained access to the president by finding a golden ticket in your Maga hat".

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"This company involves Cohen, who is absolutely not "essential", he's also not a "consultant", plus there's only one of him so even the "s" in the company name is a big dumb lie", Oliver said. Cohen reportedly took out a loan in March and put his Manhattan apartment up as collateral. The questions come after Stephenson admitted in an email to employees last week that AT&T had entered a consulting contract with Cohen to "help us understand how the President and his administration might approach a wide range of policy issues important to the company, including regulatory reform at the FCC, corporate tax reform and antitrust enforcement".

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Oliver explained the recent revelations about Cohen, including that he sold access to the president for millions of dollars, and that, for better or worse, he didn't necessarily deliver on that promise.

Hannity has denied Cohen was ever his attorney.

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