Taking Antibiotics May Be Linked To Increased Risk For Kidney Stones

Small children are prescribed antibiotics more than any other group

Small children are prescribed antibiotics more than any other group

"Our findings suggest that antibiotic prescription practices represent a modifiable risk factor - a change in prescribing patterns might decrease the current epidemic of kidney stones in children", said the study's lead, Dr Gregory E Tasian. He noted that kidney stones used to be rare among children, but that is not the case nowadays. After getting through the health reports of over 13.9 million patients, the researchers came to the conclusion that children and adults who consumed antibiotics frequently are more prone towards risks of kidney stones. A new study asserts antibiotics may have had something to do with that.

Drawing on health records from the United Kingdom, the team analysed prior antibiotic exposure for almost 26,000 patients with kidney stones and compared them with almost 260,000 control subjects. Just because children are prescribed more of them as compared to adults, researchers suggest that the clinicians need to be more honest and mindful while prescribing medication especially when they are dealing with young patients. While diet trends, such as more soda and caffeine, and less water are likely factors, the doctor's team chose to look at common medications, like antibiotics, which are prescribed to children much more than adults. To be clear, the study doesn't conclude that taking antibiotics automatically means that a person will develop kidney stones, but Tasian explained that the most likely explanation between the two is the interaction between antibiotics and the urinary and gut microbiome.

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USA pediatric researchers found that children and adults treated with certain antibiotics had a greater risk of developing kidney stones.

"Antibiotics have saved lives they are important to use for clinically indicated infections but we also know that antibiotics are often prescribed unnecessarily", said Tasian. "The reasons for the increase are unknown, but our findings suggest that oral antibiotics play a role, especially given that children are prescribed antibiotics at higher rates than adults", said co-author Michelle Denburg from CHOP. The hope is that they can conduct a broader, population-based research to equip people with a better understanding of how alterations in microbiomes affect the development of kidney stones.

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Tasian along with his fellow mates is planning to go for full proof investigation of microbiomes in the children and adolescent's body in the near future.

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