Surface Hub 2 is another massive PC for walls

Microsoft announces the Surface Hub 2 with 50.5-inch display

Microsoft Surface Hub 2 is a 50.5-inch 4K Display for the Next Generation Conference Rooms

Even with this much sleeker look, it still contains speakers, a far-field microphone array, and a camera.

Microsoft's also introducing a new "tiling" experience with the Surface Hub 2. The original Surface Hub advanced this mission, making it possible to join a meeting or open a whiteboard with one touch.

The product provides access to Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Whiteboard, Office 365, Windows 10 and the intelligent cloud.

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Microsoft isn't providing much on details yet, but are just teasing the new model for the moment. Surface Hub 2 takes the baby steps towards a multiple display thing.

Microsoft is providing its first public look at its second-generation Surface Hub 2 conferencing system, in the form of a video and a blog post. The smaller version of the current Surface Hub costs just under $10,000 United States dollars while the larger costs $23,000 USD, so this new device will likely be expensive, too - perhaps prohibitively so for smaller businesses.

Sometime in 2019, Microsoft will release the successor to its Surface Hub, the Surface Hub 2. "The Surface Hub 2 is a 50.5", 4K+ Windows 10 tablet that offers a wall or stand mounted design that facilitates teleconferencing, remote meetings, and digital whiteboarding without sacrificing aesthetics.

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We haven't got any concrete specs beyond the Microsoft Surface Hub 2's display size, but we'll update this page as soon as we know more. Up to four of them can be "tiled", side-by-side (in portrait or landscape), with a different app or service running on each panel (as shown in Microsoft's video clip of the device, which is embedded in my post, below). Over half of Fortune 100 companies have purchased Surface Hubs to improve team's efficiency and how they collaborate - breaking down barriers and creating real business value.

With the Surface Hub 2, the upcoming device will support multi-user sign-ins.

Dynamic rotation makes sure that your canvas stays straight while you rotate the display from 0 to 90 degrees. The company has this time added more robust collaborative tools which can allow multiple users to simply sign in simultaneously through a fingerprint reader and pull up their work onto a single workspace.

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