Riau police thwart attempt to conduct terror attack

Suicide bombings Sunday and Monday in Surabaya Indonesia’s second-largest city killed 26 people including 13 attackers

Suicide bombings Sunday and Monday in Surabaya Indonesia’s second-largest city killed 26 people including 13 attackers

Earlier this month, six officers at a high-security detention center on the outskirts of the capital, Jakarta, were killed by jihadi inmates who took control of part of the prison and held hostages until being overwhelmed by police.

National police spokesman Insp. Media were at the station to cover a press conference about a drug bust when the attack happened. However, he declined to comment further about the raid, saying the police were still investigating the case.

Indonesian authorities said Wednesday they shot and killed three "alleged terrorists" who staged an attack on a police headquarters that left one officer dead and several wounded, the local police chief said. The fifth was captured while fleeing and is now in police custody. ABC states that the slain police officer was killed when one of the terrorists ran him down while trying to escape in the vehicle.

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The fifth suspect was later arrested, he added.

Just two days ago, on Monday, 10 people were injured in a suicide bombing as two motorcycles drove into a checkpoint at a police station in the Indonesian port city of Surabaya. A bomb also accidentally exploded inside an apartment block in nearby Sidoarjo on Sunday.

It was not clear if Wednesday's attack was linked to the earlier incidents. Three siblings lost their parents and an older sibling in the blast.

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Last year, a suicide bombing at a bus station in Jakarta killed three police officers.

"They were part of the Islamic State of Indonesia (NII) network in Riau, which is part of the ISIS network in Indonesia", he said.

"We are concerned that the militant groups are taking advantage of women's strategic role as mothers that can instill their radical ideology to their children to become martyrs", Thaufiek Zulbahari, one of the commissioners, told Arab News.

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A general view of the scene following an attack at the entrance of a police station in Pekanbaru, Indonesia May 16, 2018 in this photo taken by Antara Foto.

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