RAGE 2 Gets its First Gameplay Trailer, where Insanity rules the World

RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer COUNTDOWN Bethesda's new PS4 Xbox PC reveal coming TODAY

BETHESDA RAGE 2 Gameplay Trailer COUNTDOWN Bethesda's new PS4 Xbox PC reveal coming TODAY

Bethesda has not yet confirmed a release date for Rage 2; it simply says the game is coming in Spring 2019. Bethesda took the leak in stride and spent the week toying with fans. Till a point in 2012, id Software, the developer of the first Rage game was rumored to be behind the sequel as well.

The final bit of information we have for now is the release window.

RAGE 2 seemed the most unlikely. Titled Rage: Mutant Bash TV, it released in November 2010.

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You might find out on June 10 though, when Bethesda has their yearly pre-E3 event. Right now, we don't have very many details about what this sequel contains.

That "perfect mix" Bethesda describes is the two studios behind Rage 2. In case you were wondering if that means loot boxes, the answer is no. Meaning that the leak of not only this game but several more by Walmart could actually be legit. Still, it is reassuring to know Rage 2 won't contain one of modern gaming's most notorious features.

Players will take up the mantle of Walker, the last remaining Vineland Ranger in the world.

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It's essentially a first person shooter set in a post apocalyptic earth following the near-extinction level event proportions of a huge asteroid smashing into the planet. The wasteland is massive, and you've got the arsenal to fight for every inch. Those are the gangs, or factions, that you'll be fighting in RAGE 2 in addition to The Authority, which acts like an oppressive ruler over the wasteland. On your quest you'll leave a bloody trail across the badlands, gunning and running down all the teeming hordes of enemies in your wake.

Bethesda revealed the first look at the PS4, Xbox One and PC shooter on the game's official Twitter account. However, you'll actually be able to channel these abilities into Walker's weapons and unleash something called "Overdrive".

What should I expect from Rage 2 gameplay? However, with E3 2018 coming in less than a month, its nearly impossible for Bethesda not to showcase it during their show.

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With Bethesda also involved, there are plenty of other inspirations such as Fallout.

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