Protest held in Raleigh as Poor People's Campaign launches

Protest held in Raleigh as Poor People's Campaign launches

Protest held in Raleigh as Poor People's Campaign launches

It draws its inspiration from the original Poor People's Campaign started by Martin Luther King Jr.

Over a hundred workers, activists and clergy members descended on the State Capitol on Monday as they joined a nationwide campaign calling attention to poverty, inequality, racism and ecological devastation. This afternoon's inaugural event, near the steps of the Statehouse, will focus on child poverty, women in poverty and people with disabilities.

- A rally across from the North Carolina Legislative Building ended Monday afternoon with almost 50 demonstrators being cited by police for protesting in the middle of the street.

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"We're living in an impoverished democracy", said the Rev. William J. Barber II. Those protests were meant to oppose the Republican-dominated legislature's agenda, its cuts in unemployment benefits, opposition to expanding Medicaid, and restrictive voting rights laws.

People from across the state are meeting at the Capitol this Monday morning to speak out and hope to spark changes that they hope will bring more moral values to Florida.

"No justice, no peace" were among the chants that came from what police estimated were 50 protesters. This year's national campaign will culminate in a March on Washington as well, scheduled for June 23.

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Police said the unlawful assembly took place after a peaceful assembly at the South Carolina State House. stands with poor people across America, and around the world.

Activists say they'll spend the next forty days focusing on new programs to lift people out of poverty.

It remains to be seen what kind of impact the movement will have over the next 40 days, but organizers are very aware that the mass voter mobilization they dream of will take work and time.

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