Nintendo To Release Additional NES Classic Video Game Consoles This June

NES Classic Edition

The NES Classic Edition will return next month

If you missed out on an NES Classic Edition during the retro console's initial run, you will be glad to know that it will be back in stock in June this year. The NES Classic contains 30 games and costs $60 while the SNES Classic contains 21 games and costs $80. Due to high demand, the system was almost impossible to find, with scalpers reselling the units for over 3x the MSVP price of $60. Nintendo games on the NES Classic look much better on modern televisions than they do when you plug an actual Nintendo into a new HD or 4K television.

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Currently, no release date for the SNES Classic second launch has been announced. But, of course, there is more chance for maximum fans to lay their hands on the NES Classic-mini this time around. There are settings on the NES Classic for scanlines additional features allow you to save the game at any point. Nintendo will also be shipping out an additional wave of Super NES Classic units. However, they promise that the Super NES and NES Classic Edition will be available "through the end of the year".

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