Motorola Patented A Foldable Smartphone

Motorola foldable phone patent

Motorola Patented A Foldable Smartphone

Other companies have been heard to also join the bandwagon like Lenovo with those flexible displays and devices, ZTE with the Axon Multy dual-screen phone, LG, Google, OPPO, and just recently, Huawei.As for Lenovo, there was that foldable folio tablet prototype shown off in a video previous year.

Motorola however, refused to comment on the new patent upon being asked by CNET.

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A second example provided relates to the audio output of the device, where the user could interact with the third display area to switch from audio from an application displayed on the first display region to a different application on the second display region. There is a camera at the top left of the device. However, no brand has officially confirmed the launch of any foldable device.

There's also a possibility of NFC and wireless charging which will again be due to the addition of the casing, 'cause the two-display form factor reduces the means to employ wireless charging. Nonetheless, the case will be detachable and will have an opening for the camera.

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This patent application was filed in September 2016 but Motorola and Lenovo seem to be serious about the project. Some believe that this is the long-awaited Surface Phone long rumored to be coming from the software giant. "The hinges are going to be developed into four types which are "Hinge with free-stop function", "Hinge Mechanism", Hinge device with living hinge" and "Hinge device with snap lock". In reality out of numerous patents filed only a few clear the norms of acquiring patent protection.

This year may not be the time when foldable phones go mainstream but we're crossing our fingers we'll finally get to try a real working foldable device anytime soon. For the uninitiated, brands like Samsung, Huawei, ZTE all are reportedly working on foldable smartphones. Interestingly, last year, Microsoft was said to be working on a foldable phone design that was expected to be announced in 2018.

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It looks foldable devices could be the next trend in the smartphone industry.

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