Lenovo could beat Apple and Samsung to the first all-screen phone

Lenovo Z5 is an all-screen phone with no notch or bezels

Lenovo Z5 teaser shows an all screen phone without a notch

However, we've seen several prototypes that go even further; for example, Vivo's Apex concept phone has a staggering 98% screen-to-body ratio.

Phones that feature a display that stretches from edge-to-edge are all the rage right now, but manufacturers haven't yet figured out a way to make an all-screen form that doesn't have some kind of bezel or notch to accommodate front-facing hardware.

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Lenovo's Vice President according to Twitter leakster Benjamin Geskin Chang Cheng says that it took four groundbreaking technologies and 18 patented technologies to achieve the design of Z5. However the reality is that for the most part, many of them do not sport full screen displays as there is still some bezels left, but could Lenovo beat everyone to the punch?

The upcoming Lenovo Z5 smartphone could become the first such device to include nothing on the front but the screen. A new wave of phones are coming with such aspect ratio, but a lot of them still have bezels or come with a notch on the top.

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Lenovo's forthrightness sets up the Z5 as one of the most intriguing mobile events of the year.

The trend among current flagships is to do away with the front fingerprint sensor (either by switching to face recognition, like iPhone X, or moving it to the back of the phone) and to house the front camera and sensors into a "notch" on top of the phone's face.

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Where do you stand on the notch? Previous rumors have suggested the Lenovo Z5 would boast a 95% screen-to-body ratio, and the sketch appears to confirm that.

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