Kellogg's Attempt to Flee Venezuela 'Unconstitutional — Maduro

Workers are reactivating the Kellogg plant in Venezuela- but the company has said it may take legal action where necessary if its brand continues to be sold after it pulled out of the country

Kellogg's Attempt to Flee Venezuela 'Unconstitutional — Maduro

But President Nicolas Maduro called the closure "absolutely unconstitutional and illegal" and said the factory had been handed to workers and would continue cereal production.

"I've made a decision to hand the company over to the workers so that they can continue producing for the people", Maduro said at a campaign rally ahead of Sunday's presidential election.

"What did the revolutionary government do?"

Investors looking to buy Venezuela's new cryptocurrency may want to head to a little-known Moscow bank whose biggest shareholders are President Nicolas Maduro's socialist government and two state-controlled Russian companies under USA sanctions.

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Clorox CLX.N , Kimberly-Clark KMB.N , General Mills GIS.N , General Motors GM.N and Harvest Natural Resources are the most recent big names to pull out of Venezuela in the face of economic conditions.

Some, such as Coca-Cola and Colgate, have temporarily suspended or cut back their operations.

"Why are they doing it today?" "We are four days away from elections and they think it will spook the people", he said at a campaign rally.

The Socialist president regularly blames the United States, coup-plotters and businesses for conducting "economic war" against the country critics say he has driven into crippling poverty and hunger.

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"Maduro, the whole world can see what mess you are making, even TV hosts here in America like that idiot", Valderrama said, referring to Oliver as "Zazu" after his upcoming role in Disney's The Lion King remake.

The government has seized the operations of other multinationals that have left the country. In 2014, authorities took over two plants belonging to USA cleaning products maker Clorox Co after its departure. "It reminds me of the Clorox case". "Operations halted due to lack of raw materials, the government took it over, and now it's paralyzed". Kellogg produced dozens of cereals and other products from the plant.

It also said it hoped to return to Venezuela in the future and warned against sales of its brands "without the expressed authorization of the Kellogg Company". Kellogg's breakfast products are the most popular and widely available in the country. Workers said they were prevented from entering the plant in the central city of Maracay on Tuesday.

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