Israeli airstrikes target militant sites in Gaza

Ivanka Trump at the opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem. Abir Sultan  EPA

Ivanka Trump at the opening of the new US embassy in Jerusalem. Abir Sultan EPA

"There were not enough beds, not enough medical staff to treat them".

In a separate incident, bullets from a heavy machinegun fired in Gaza hit a house in nearby Israeli town Sderot, causing damage but no injuries, police said.

"Recent violence has exacerbated the already weak health system in the Gaza Strip, which is crumbling because of the severe power cuts and shortages of fuel, medicine and equipment", UNICEF said in a statement. Some were approved for transfer, and the doctors were pushing for more, she said. While the Palestinian government called the Israeli crackdown a "terrible massacre", Israel denied accusations of using excessive force against the protesters, insisting the crackdown is justified to protect its border.

Paraguay is expected to follow the U.S and Guatemala's lead, and plans to relocate their embassy to Jerusalem in the coming weeks.

Hundreds of people marched through the streets of Gaza City for the funeral of 8 month old Layla Al Ghandour.

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"Make no mistake, Hamas is pleased with the results from yesterday", she said.

Haley cited Israeli military accounts that some protesters were using Molotov cocktails attached to kites and other risky tactics.

Guatemalan lawmaker Marcos Fenando Yax said that most people in his country believed this was the right thing to do. "In fact, the record of several countries here today suggest that they would be less restrained". The goal of the protest is to bring worldwide attention to the blockade Israel maintains over the territory and to call for the right of Palestinian refugees to return to their lands in Israel.

On Monday, tens of thousands of Palestinians rallied near Israel's border fence to protest a blockade of their territory and the move of the US Embassy to contested Jerusalem that day.

Two more Palestinians were killed on Tuesday as Palestinians marked the Nakba, or "catastrophe", commemorating the more than 700,000 Palestinians who fled or were expelled in the war.

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The man explained that when electricity is functioning in the Gaza Strip, Hamas dispatches messages telling citizens to go to the fence and riot, organizing transportation. Gaza has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the world.

"I look forward to assessing with you the practical ways. that we can advance this friendship and this alliance", Netanyahu said.

"It was clear to Israel and now it is clear to the whole world that there was no popular protest; this was an organized mob of terrorists organized by Hamas", said Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon.

"We stress to the Zionist enemy and its leaders that the resistance movements whose people are participating in this peaceful movement with all awareness and concern for our people can respond with all force", it said.

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