Iran foreign minister sets off on tour to save nuclear deal

An oil pump is seen at sunset outside Vaudoy-en-Brie near Paris France

An oil pump is seen at sunset outside Vaudoy-en-Brie near Paris France

The development came as Iran's foreign minister said he was hopeful of forging a "clear future design" for the pact, while speaking in Beijing at the start of a diplomatic tour aimed at rescuing it.

After meeting with Federica Mogherini at the European Council in Brussels this morning, Mohammad Javad Zarif said that the talks with the remaining parties to the nuclear accord known as the JCPOA are on the right track to make sure that everyone's interests are secured. "It's very unsafe. It's sending the signal that the United States wants to confront Iran, and that's a signal that the Israelis and the Saudis are all too eager to hear".

Zarif also discussed current events, tying the U.S. decision to move its capital to Jerusalem to a long trend where the United States ignores worldwide consensus and agreements. Although the government's spokesperson threatened to take the USA to the World Trade Organization (WTO) over the secondary sanctions, President Emmanuel Macron, apparently unfazed by the cold shower he received in Washington, contributed more confusion by repeating his half-baked ideas about a "new, more extended deal" with Iran, covering missiles and Iran's "problematic role in the region". US sanctions on Iran will have a six-month period during which buyers should "wind down" oil purchases, meaning any loss of supply will not be immediately felt in the market.

"If you look at the advances that Iran has made under cover of this agreement, it's conventional military and terrorists advances in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon, in Yemen since 2015, Iran was really on the march".

"Guarantees of benefits of the JCPOA should be given to Iran".

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British Prime Minister Theresa May and US President Donald Trump agreed in a phone call on Friday (May 11) that talks were needed to discuss how US sanctions on Iran would affect foreign companies operating in the country.

Mr Trump's move to ditch the nuclear deal has infuriated Washington's allies in Europe as well as China and Russian Federation.

President Donald Trump has been a fierce critic of the 2015 nuclear deal and is weighing pulling the USA out of the agreement.

"Iran's Military Budget is up more than 40 percent since the Obama negotiated Nuclear Deal was reached. just another indicator that it was all a big lie".

But Bolton didn't rule out sanctions for European companies doing business with Iran.

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Arguing the nuclear deal wasn't tough enough on Iran, Trump's government is now re-imposing sanctions, and any companies or governments with links to the U.S. face sanctions if they do not comply. The administration put out a statement outlining the benefits of the deal, such as breaking the united front against Iran that took place under President Barack Obama, the removal of global sanctions and recognition of Iran's nuclear program.

While Zarif works with world powers to keep the nuclear deal alive, the Rouhani administration has been fighting back against critics who have attacked him for trusting the United States.

In July 2017, Bolton told an enthusiastic crowd at an MEK conference: "The only solution is to change the regime itself, and that's why before 2019 we here will celebrate in Tehran".

Trump administration officials say the move is simply a recognition of a reality and that they do not in any way intend to prejudge the outcome of final borders or sovereignty in a peace deal. "Do we accept that the United States is the economic gendarme of the planet?" If that happens, South Korea will suffer from a sharp decline in its exports to Iran, which amounted to four-billion USA dollars a year ago.

Meanwhile, the US government tried to further pinch Iran's finances by disrupting a currency exchange network allegedly used to transfer millions of dollars to Iran's Revolutionary Guard.

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