Grey's Anatomy: Here's how April and Arizona left

Season 14 ended on a familiar note as Ramirez's Callie played an important role

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While not definitively saying the formerly married duo are getting back together, Grey's leaves Calzona fans with hope that there's a chance.

The doctors attend Alex and Jo's wedding, and things do not go as planned.

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Ok, so last week's episode was tough.

However, as she talks to April and Richard (James Pickens Jr.), she reveals she's afraid to try again since their relationship has not worked out so many other times. It's scary and were all pretty shook by April on the other side of the hospital bed. As it turns out, they were all on time - for someone else's wedding (I guess the fact they didn't notice a non-Alex groom standing at the alter the whole time can be chalked up to creative license). Will this be the end of Grey's as we know it?

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After her heart attack this season, Bailey has had a new outlook on life. It looks like their quiet getaway will be remote enough that none of their guests can hear them screaming for help, but Grey's Anatomy spoilers from Entertainment Weekly have hinted that they will make it down the aisle and tie the knot. She shocks all of her coworkers when she wakes up a little later and is fully functioning. While it would have been incredibly emotional to see her die, it's a wonderful surprise that Grey's has allowed April to survive and go out with such an incredible legacy. And Betty confesses that she hasn't been clean for six days. As Bailey (Chandra Wilson) takes her turn to leave during the ceremony, she is confronted with a medical emergency when the mother of the groom (played by Tisha Campbell-Martin) suddenly collapses. Watch free episodes of Grey's Anatomy online at or in the ABC app.

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