European Union leaders take joint position on Iran deal, U.S. trade

The decision came after member states agreed unanimously to stick to the Iran nuclear deal after President Trump's withdrawal.

The EU leaders pledged at the meeting to keep a united front against Trump.

Since US President Donald Trump has pulled his country out of the Iran nuclear deal, will China join hands with European countries to reject Trump's renewed effort to isolate Iran?

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Tusk told leaders over a late dinner on Wednesday (Thursday NZ Time) that the European Union will continue fighting for the rules-based worldwide system, despite recent U.S. decisions on climate change, tariffs and on Iran, according to an European Union official present.

Finnish mining technology company Outotec said USA sanctions would slow down and complicate its ties with Iran but it was too early to say if it would leave.

Earlier on Thursday, French President Emmanuel Macron, who had tried and failed to persuade Trump not to abandon the Iran deal, also asserted Europe's readiness to dismiss USA demands, saying companies should make their own choices. "They should continue to have this freedom", he said upon arriving in Sofia.

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EU President Donald Tusk renewed attacks on him.

To save the nuclear deal, Iran has said the other parties have to ensure that sanction relief remains intact without United States participation. The bloc would also discuss WTO-compatible ways to improve reciprocal market access for industrial products including cars to avoid a trade war. She highlighted the importance of deepening economic relations with Iran, including in the area of energy supplies.

With Trump's decision to rip up the deal, the U.S. has turned itself into a destroyer of the global order. We are calling all the parties for negotiations on an extended version of the agreement.

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"I don't know the exact timing details, but I am certain that we're also going to shut down (in Iran)", Skou said. The US dollar's overwhelming position of dominance in the global financial system is one prominent example.

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