Doctors grow ear transplant inside soldier's arm

Doctors harvested cartilage from a woman's body to grow a new ear in her forearm.      US Army

Doctors harvested cartilage from a woman's body to grow a new ear in her forearm. US Army

Afterward, when she woke up in the hospital, she wasn't whole. Epidermis from the forearm, meanwhile, has been left attached to the ear.

The ear stayed in her skin for about a year.

U.S. Army surgeons have grown a new ear on soldier's forearm to replace one that was lost in a auto accident.

No prosthetics were needed.

Doctors at William Beaumont Army Medical Center (WBAMC) in El Paso, Texas, took cartilage from the soldier's ribs to craft a new ear.

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Burrage still has two more surgeries to go but says in about five years people won't be able to notice her ear. He presented the option of a total ear reconstruction. According to an ABC News report, the surgery should ideally allow for the formation of new blood vessels in the cartilage, which means all sensations and feelings will return to the ear upon complete rehabilitation. It took a few surgeries, but everything went according to plan, the US Army said on its blog.

"As a young active-duty Soldier, they deserve the best reconstruction they can get", he said.

In 2016 Shamika Burrage was returning to Fort Bliss, Texas, after visiting family in MS when her tire blew out.

Burrage had been driving with her pregnant cousin from MS to Fort Bliss, Tex., when the crash happened.

Plastic surgeons carved a new ear out of cartilage taken from the Burrage's ribs, which they then placed under the skin of her forearm to allow the ear to grow. Although Burrage was wary and sceptical at first, she eventually relented and chose to give it a shot, saying, "I was going to go with the prosthetic, to avoid more scarring but I wanted a real ear". Burrage was told by doctors that if she had gone 30 more minutes without receiving medical attention, she would have bled to death.

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"I didn't feel comfortable with the way I looked so the provider referred me to plastic surgery", Pte. While she was initially scared about going through with the reconstruction, she said she wanted to see what doctors could do. "I was going to go with the prosthetic, to avoid more scarring, but I wanted a real ear".

In the latest of innovative reconstructive surgery techniques, plastic surgeons are growing an ear from a woman's cartilage, according to a press release by the US Army. Now known as the Vacanti Mouse, the critter was part of research studying how feasible it was to grow human ears made of cartilage.

Burrage, now 21, was hesitant at first, but ultimately chose to go through with the procedure. In 2012, a woman lost her ear to cancer and grew a replacement under her forearm skin, ABC News reported.

After the accident, Burrage was reportedly deeply conscious and in constant discomfiture about her appearance. It's being used to cover up scar tissue around the jawline, also resulting from the crash.

After two months Shamika chose to come around and go through with the surgery.

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