Cryptocurrency addicts seek treatment at Scottish clinic

Image      The high fluctuations of cryptocurrencies appeal to problem gamblers

Image The high fluctuations of cryptocurrencies appeal to problem gamblers

Tony Marini is one of the many therapists that will be entrusted with the delivery of treatments for crypto trading addiction. Bitcoin has been heavily traded, and huge gains and losses were made. "This helps them identify with each other and realize that they're not alone".

Addiction to the trading of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is a behavioural addiction, like gambling addiction and compulsive online "day trading" on the stockmarket.

The hospital in question is Castle Craig hospital in Peeblesshire, and the expansion of services took place earlier this month with staff likening crypto purchases to gambling. "It's a classic bubble situation".

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The high-risk fluctuating crypto-currency market affects the problem player, providing excitement and detachment from reality. The reason behind pinpointing cryptocurrency traders, however, is directly related to the market's high volatility, making trading cryptocurrencies way riskier than trading in any other markets.

Now around 13 million people worldwide trade in some form of cryptocurrency - yet the severity of "cryptocurrency addiction" is yet to be fully or empirically measured. But that's exactly what might make them tantalizing to people who are susceptible to a gambling addiction or obsessive-compulsive disorders.

As part of its treatment campaign, the clinic has launched a web page on cryptocurrency addiction, a FAQs page about the ailment, and a video succinctly explaining it and its symptoms. Due to the similarity in behavior patterns of the addicts of gambling and cryptocurrency, a standard treatment roadmap can be the best way to start off the rehab program.

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In Piblhire, on the border of Scotland there is Castle Craig Hospital. They can choose any addiction they want, and it can be cryptocurrencies, but that doesn't mean most traders are addicts.

Marini added that the first steps of the process will involve introducing an individual to a group of recovering addicts. Castle Craig said there were no figures for the number of people addicted to cryptocurrency, but there are about...

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