Apple demands Dollars 1 billion from Samsung for patent infringement

Apple wants Samsung to cough up $1bn in patent damages from 2012

Apple is being a bit of a patent troll we reckon

That's apart from profits Samsung made from infringing two of Apple's utility patents, Lee said.

Yet another big tech brand is taking a swing at the foldable phone concept, this time Motorola according to a patent that has been filed and a leaked image.

Kare continued to by saying "it's an organic, holistic design" which infringes upon Apple's patent. Economist Chris Vellturo offered an assessment of the reasonableness of royalty payments had Samsung chosen to license the patents from Apple, added to the lost profits had Samsung phones not offered the same features. The case was decided in Apple's favor in 2012 and it was awarded $1.05 billion in damages.

As Apple seeking $1 billion from its long-known rival Samsung Electronics Co, the long-going go-round smartphone patent-infringement dispute has seen its peak results.

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The jury will only be ruling on what the appropriate amount Samsung should pay in damages should be, rather than whether any laws were infringed.

The case not only will determine how much Samsung has to pay but how much countless other technology companies in the future might also have to worry about patents. It argues that customers were not only buying its handsets because of the design, but also due to their "functionality".

Samsung worked on industrial designer Alan Ball, an Apple witness who repeatedly insisted the smartphones at issue need to be taken in their entirety and not divided into discrete parts.

The basic question before the jury ahead of deciding the amount of compensation is: Should Samsung have to pay damages on the whole device or just the components that were infringed? The first of which, is the US Patent No. D618,677 which centers around the black, rectangular, round-cornered front of the iPhone.

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Samsung won a case in the US Supreme Court in 2016 which ruled that damages should be based on components and not profits from the entire phone. As such, Apple is only entitled to payments that are made up of the worth of those individual components.

The key point involves an old and abstruse legal term, the "article of manufacture" that incorporates the patented design.

Neither Apple nor Samsung gave remark when inquired.

According to the verdict, Samsung has copied Apple's design patents along with two utility patents.

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