A look at bill to ease bank rules nearing Congress passage

A look at bill to ease bank rules nearing Congress passage

A look at bill to ease bank rules nearing Congress passage

By a vote of 250-169, the House of Representatives passed a law Tuesday aimed at expanding access by critically ill patients to therapies not yet approved by the FDA.

"The Senate version of the legislation is less safe than the pathway proposed in the House version and is unsafe compared to the current expanded access process", the groups wrote.

After the bill cleared the Senate in March, its backers trod a line of trying to appease GOP politicians in the House, who pushed for deeper financial deregulation, without losing the support of the core group of Democratic senators who voted for the bill. Ron Johnson (R-Wis.), is created to give patients an alternative way to obtain drugs not approved by the FDA.

The legislation will also exempt certain banks and credit unions from requirements to report some mortgage loan data. Ron Johnson (R-Wis) was approved by the Senate in August 2017 in a deal to move forward must-pass legislation to renew FDA user fees.

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The decision sends the hotly-debated bill to the desk of President Trump, who has this morning tweeted that he will sign the "big legislation". Klein, along with Alison Bateman-House, PhD, MPH, MA, from the Division of Medical Ethics at NYU Langone Health, have suggested the right-to-try laws, in truth, do not "point out and try to solve" any actual problems. "The current language in S. 204 may therefore preclude FDA from taking enforcement actions based on those provisions", Gottlieb testified last October.

The win on the banking bill adds to the president's marquee business-friendly legislative achievement - the sweeping tax bill enacted late previous year that deeply cut taxes for corporations and wealthy individuals and offered more modest reductions for most ordinary Americans. Frank Pallone (D., NJ) on the House floor.

But critics like House minority leader Nancy Pelosi blasted it as another effort to weaken the crucial Dodd-Frank reforms, which included what she called the strongest set of consumer financial protections in history.

The bill also garnered criticism from 100 patient advocacy groups, including the National Organization for Rare Disorders and Friends of Cancer Research. They also must be under active development or production by the manufacturer.

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Michael Becker, a former biotech executive who has advanced head and neck cancer, said that "the gullible will applaud" the passage of the measure but that he is anxious about those who may be "targeted by unscrupulous snake oil salespeople seeking profits".

The bill 'puts patients at risk by allowing the sale of snake oil, ' said Rep Jan Schakowsky, D-Illinois.

Supporters of the bill say charges that the legislation will be harmful or ineffective are "scare tactics".

"Millions of Americans who have been told they are out of options and it's time to get their affairs in order, are closer to having the opportunity for one last treatment, without having to get permission from the federal government first", said Victor Riches, president & CEO of the Goldwater Institute, in a statement. The groups noted that while they did not support the previous House-passed bill either, it contained several safeguards compared to the Johnson legislation. "The Senate's bill would allow unproven therapies to be given to patients without FDA notification for up to a full year and would not establish any standards for informed consent".

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But Walden said he had talked to Gottlieb, who "believes he can provide the safety through regulation that might otherwise be missing, so I think we can work in partnership there".

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