The Hungering Deep coming to Sea of Thieves next month

Sea of Thieves до конца лета получит три обновления

All the updates will get players totally free

Sea Of Thieves is a great game ruined by a lack of content, and while everyone assumes that more will be added over time Rare has been curiously quiet about the specifics... until now. And then events begin to take place with a frequency of once a week, and in the course of these developers will introduce new game mechanics and new game options.

It's no secret that Sea of Thieves, despite plenty of hype, shivered very few timbers on launch. Crews (meaning multiple ships/parties) will have to work together to discover and defeat this threat in an event that will feature unique mechanics and rewards.

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Also coming in May will be weekly events. The real question is whether or not it will be enough to keep people interested in Sea of Thieves over the next couple of months as such promises have been made before by other developers to mixed results.

New gameplay mechanics and rewards are to be included in "The Hungering Deep" with two more content updates also coming out later this year. In a new developer diary, Rare has detailed some of their upcoming plans for content for the game that'll span over the next several months.

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Cursed Sails will introduce a whole new type of ship, whilst Forsaken Shores will add some new locations to the world map.

Finally, Neate says in the blog post that based on player feedback, both Pets and Ship Captaincy have been put on the backburner. Its new focus will instead be on "meeting your needs", which essentially means more significant content for returning players to jump into.

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It's a bummer that it'll now be even longer until we get parrots, but Rare has realised that there are more important things to worry about and so the first content update will bring with it a new type of enemy.

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