Syracuse fraternity permanently expelled over racist video

Syracuse fraternity

Syracuse fraternity permanently expelled over racist video

Saturday, A fraternity at Syracuse University was expelled. "This year, one of these brothers is a conservative Republican, and the new members roasted him by playing the part of a racist conservative character", the NY school's Theta Tau chapter said on its website.

Chancellor Kent Syverud didn't see that the humor in the sketch.

He said disciplinary actions against the individual students involved could include suspension or expulsion.

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University authorities have already interviewed 38 students about the video and more interviews are planned. claimed that 18 college students received citations, that are not criminal.

Syracuse University has permanently expelled the campus chapter of the Theta Tau fraternity. The clip appears to stem from the same event as the earlier video, which showed men laughing uproariously at performances punctuated by pantomimed sex acts and racist language about blacks, Jews and Hispanics.

The Daily Orange student newspaper later that day published a video which depicted Theta Tau brothers performing a racist, anti-Semitic, sexist, homophobic "parody" oath. Information of the skit circulated through the campus on Wednesday.

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The chapter, part of a national engineering fraternity, hasn't immediately responded to emails Saturday and Sunday about subsequent developments.

Syverud said that in addition to restarting the Theta Tau chapter, university official "happen to be a toptobottom inspection of our entire Greek system".

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