Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition - Falke Gameplay Trailer

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition - Falke Gameplay Trailer

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition - Falke Gameplay Trailer

Last year, Capcom revealed the six new characters that would make up Season 3 Character Pass of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, and one of these fighters is a new character named Falke.

The official YouTube channel for the Street Fighter series began streaming a character introduction video for Falke on Monday. Today, we learned that Falke will be hitting the game on April 24, and also received a gameplay trailer that shows us her unique moves. With her ability to use Psycho Power and infuse objects with it, she's going to be a formidable fighter for sure. The game maker designed her to be "an alternative clone for M. Bison", and her story is threaded into the franchise's story even though she is a brand-new character.

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Capcom have unveiled the trailer for the latest all-new character to land in their flagship punch-up Street Fighter V. Finally, Ed came to her rescue and they both were able to escape Shadaloo. Since her staff effectively acts as a conduit, these moves can be charged up and released in a number of ways.

The first method is called "Psycho Kugel", or "Standing", and it sends the power shooting out of the staff in a shotgun-like fashion. "Pressing two kicks is Katapult, which sees Falke pole vaulting towards the opponent in a kick motion". Much like Season 2's Ed, Falke is a "simple inputs" character.

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Falke can use Psycho Power by infusing it into weapons, like her staff Harmony. Psycho Trombe on its own can be cancelled into by a variety of normal moves and can also be used to absorb projectiles. Psycho Shrot and Kanonen can be cancelled into each other and can leave the opponent prone to a Critical Art.

Pressing HP+HK during this V-Trigger will result in Falke using Psycho Sturm, a sweeping hit with her staff that can be cancelled into to extend combos. Her V-Trigger II sees her twirl Harmony and launch her opponent skyward, opening them up to follow-up combos. Psycho Feder is an air attack where she shoots a downward projectile at an angle. As expected from a Critical Art, it's over the top and flashy.

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