Square Enix To Make Chrono Trigger For PC Less Crap

Square Enix To Make Chrono Trigger For PC Less Crap

Square Enix To Make Chrono Trigger For PC Less Crap

Chrono Trigger randomly appearing on Steam should have been a dream come true, but Square Enix's ports of classic RPGs have always been plagued with issues. In addition, the publisher also said it will provide future updates, to keep the game running better than ever. For the rest of us, the miracle is that the first of those patches has already arrived.

By the way, if you haven't heard if the Chrono Trigger vs Jay-Z album is quite something. This can be selected from the menu as "Original" graphics, and is the new default selection.

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The updated visuals may not be an exact replica of the old-school Chrono Trigger graphics, as the patch notes state only that it brings them "more in-line with the original style", but it definitely looks more like it should.

Additional enhancements and fixes to the text and graphics within the game to enhance the PC play experience.

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Adjusted Start-Up Sequence: The order of the animated opening sequences when starting a new game is reworked to be more in line with previous versions of the game.

With Chrono Trigger's release coming as a complete surprise, some fans thought Square Enix would just be walking away to their next project and ignore the cries for help. It's painfully obvious the current iteration is geared toward mobile and touch devices, but Square Enix will be adding a new UI that's optimized for PC while still retaining the option to use the mobile interface.

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Chrono Trigger is now available on Steam. It was supposed to disappear on April 2 but will remain up for purchase until April 30.

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