Police probe 'horrific' death of teenage boy trapped in van

Police probe 'horrific' death of teenage boy trapped in van

Police probe 'horrific' death of teenage boy trapped in van

A deputy sent to the scene told dispatch that he couldn't find anyone trapped in a van.

Trapped in a gold 2002 Honda Odyssey van with his time running short, 16-year old Kyle Plush asked Siri to call 911 and begged the dispatcher for help in a series of emergency calls released by Cincinnati police.

Kyle Plush, a student of the Seven Hills School, begged for help while the dispatcher struggled to locate him.

"On that second 911 call something has gone terribly wrong" Isaac said. "I'm in desperate need of help!". In the (inaudible) parking lot of Seven Hills Hillsdale.

During one of his calls to 911, Kyle explained that he felt he was dying and wanted to make sure his mom knew he loved her.

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Cincinnati Police Chief Elliot Isaac said Thursday that he's not sure if it was miscommunication, malfunctioning equipment or user error, but they are investigating the 911 call taker after 16-year-old Kyle Plush was crushed to death in a minivan in the Seven Hills School parking lot.

Police officers discovered the body of a teenage boy in a auto on the Hillsdale campus of the Seven Hills School Tuesday night, according to Lt. Steve Saunders.

The operator couldn't understand the teen who said he was at "Seven Hills". "Send officers immediately. I'm nearly dead". The calls show officers looking in a van, but not seeing anyone.

"I got a call from a security guy there because we were trying to find this kid, and he just all of a sudden called me, 'Nick we found him".

During a second call to 911 Plush again asked for help.

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That was it from Plush's side.

The teen was found by a family member around six hours later. "As elected officials, we need to be involved directly in evaluating all available information and insist the proper solutions be adopted".

"He was stuck, looks like he was turned over in the seat, he's stuck there. He's been there for a while". The teen told the dispatcher to pass along a message for him after he died. However, there are not much details about how long he was stuck there and how he ended up in this deadly situation. "If there are deficiencies on the part of the 911 center operations, my mandate is to fix whatever needs to be fixed."said". Irrespective of the cause, the fact no help reached him when he was struggling to breathe makes the tragic incident even more heart wrenching. That was despite a sheriff's deputy on the scene calling the emergency communications center at 3:44 p.m. seeking any additional information so he could do another check of the area after not finding anyone the first time.

"He was a young man of keen intelligence, good humour and great courage, and this whole community feels this loss very deeply", the school said. Seven minutes after the call was made the radio call went out to the police and two officers were assigned to investigate the call.

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