Police are searching for Minnesota Killer

Police are searching for Minnesota Killer

Police are searching for Minnesota Killer

Police say Riess is also wanted for the March killing of her husband David in Minnesota.

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office issued an arrest warrant for the Riess for felony theft back on March 29; after her husband was found dead of multiple gunshot wounds, it was discovered she had transferred $10K from his bank account.

The Dodge County Sheriff's Office and the Dodge County Attorney are preparing second-degree murder charges against Riess for the murder of her husband, David.

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Authorities are searching for Lois Riess.

"And yet she's calculated, she's targeted and an absolute cold-blooded killer". Once they became friends, Riess allegedly shot and killed Hutchinson, stole her cash, credit cards and identification, and left the area driving Hutchinson's auto.

As the hunt for Riess entered its fourth week Monday, new information about her past surfaced in court records in Minnesota that showed she had been accused of taking more than $78,000 from her disabled sister and spending it on herself, including thousands of dollars at casinos.

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Recent footage has shown Riess at Ms Hutchinson's Florida home, and authorities have spotted the deceased's stolen vehicle in Louisiana and Texas since the latest alleged murder. She is believed to be in the Corpus Christi, [Texas], area.

In an interview, aired on NBC's Today show on Monday morning, Carmine Marceno, the undersheriff for Lee County, Florida, warned that Lois Riess may not be through with her killing spree. Marceno said that she will eventually run out of resources and fears that, in desperation, she could kill again. She has since been charged with his murder.

Joining the Marshal's Office in pursuit of Riess are the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, and the Dodge Lee County sheriff's offices.

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