Nest To Help Low-Income Families Lower Energy Bills

Nest is pitching in for Earth Day.                  Jon Garnham  CNET

Nest is pitching in for Earth Day. Jon Garnham CNET

According to the company, one out of five families in the USA spend at least 20-percent of their monthly income on energy, a burden that often requires sacrifices in other vital budget categories.

Nest is helping address the energy burden in America with Power Project, an initiative that earmarks 1 million Nest Thermostat E units for low-income homes.

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A Nest Thermostat E probably isn't going to the factor that helps an American rocket from the lowest income percentile to the highest - but it can be a family's first steps towards gaining financial freedom that can lead to re-investment and job growth in low-income areas. We're committed to addressing this issue that affects so many through the Power Project. The devices will be provided to needy homes in partnership with energy companies, non-profits, and housing agencies over the next five years, says Nest. But one in five families spends over 20 percent (some even as high as 50 percent) of their income on heating and cooling their homes.

Now through May 31, RMP customers can get up to two $50 instant coupons toward a new smart thermostat from Nest or ecobee*. New U.S. homes being built this year or those getting refurbished will feature a smart thermostat.

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From April 16 to April 30, 10 percent of the proceeds from sales of Nest thermostats (up to $500,000), will be donated to organizations like Habitat for Humanity. "Every family deserves to have heat in the cold and light in the dark". Nest is also working with Fannie Mae to drive down the cost of total homeownership in the same way, while utility partners include Southern California Gas.

Company Nest has announced the beginning of the "Energy project".

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