Kulve Taroth Is Monster Hunter


Monster Hunter: World to Add New, Limited Time Quest Type

It'll be available only for a limited time, but it will return at a later time after being discontinued. Though details on that are scarce at the moment.

In staying true to their promise of ongoing support, Capcom has revealed yet another update for Monster Hunter World. But unlike any monster to date, the Kulve Taroth Siege update requires the participation of every player in the Gathering Hub.

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We'll let you investigate more details about the new Elder Dragon itself directly, but what little information the Research Commission has gathered indicates we need to deploy a new hunting strategy. Up to 16 players total will be split into four groups of four players, all tackling different tasks but working towards the same common goal of bringing down Taroth. However, the types and stats of the weapons are completely random, so gamers might have to participate in several Kulve Taroth missions to find that one powerful Switch Axe or Long Sword. As a team, you'll collect tracks and parts broken off when attacking Kulve Taroth in order to progress.

The Smithy, however, is already hard at work coming up with a new armor set to complement these weapons quite nicely.

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Will you be taking on Taroth tomorrow?

World's Spring Blossom Fest in full swing, Capcom has announced a new assignment titled the Siege of Kulve Taroth. If you've never heard of this shiny, gold-scaled creature, that's because it was designed for Monster Hunter: World's upcoming Siege missions. The PC version will be released in Fall 2018.

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