IRS online filing system is having problems … on tax day

7 valuable tax tips for last-minute filersMore

7 valuable tax tips for last-minute filersMore

Lawhorne also said people may not be aware that IRA contributions can be added to 2017 returns through Tuesday. Juarez says this is also a good time of year to revisit your online privacy settings.

Just fill out form 4868, and you get six months of extra time, making your new tax deadline October 15.

"If clients are still waiting for K-1s, we file an extension", said Jonah Gruda, a certified public accountant and partner at Mazars USA.

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April 17 is also the deadline for business owners and freelancers to pay their first quarter taxes for 2018.

"To have a valid extension generally - you need to pay in 90% of the tax due at the time of the filing, so in that case by [April 17]", Speiss said. When it comes to filing an extension, the IRS predicts to see around 11-million extension requests.

Payment by credit or debit card is still available, but there are fees ranging between $2 and $3.95 for that option.

The Where's My Refund? feature has already been used more than 248 million times this year, a seven percent increase when compared to last year.

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However, Kautter said that taxpayers "would not be penalized because of a technical problem the IRS is having", according to the Washington Post.

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As of April 6, the IRS had received 103.7 million individual tax returns, just slightly ahead of a year ago. Here's wishing you big refunds and speedy e-filing (or a speedy trip to the Post Office).

As a candidate and since taking office, Trump has refused to release his tax returns, breaking decades of tradition by past presidents who released their personal taxes for transparency.

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Taxpayers who owe taxes can use IRS Direct Pay or any of several other electronic payment options.

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