Gun rights advocates to rally at state capitols across US

Gun rights advocates to rally at state capitols across US

Gun rights advocates to rally at state capitols across US

Gun rights supporters gathered in Atlanta and dozens of other US state capitals Saturday at a time when many Americans are pressing for tougher restrictions on weapons.

"Gun owners have been portrayed in a negative way and it is our hope that this peaceable rally will show that we are safe, law-abiding individuals that happen to take our constitutional rights very seriously", said Dave Gulya, an organizer for the ME event.

About 50 people spoke to the cheering crowd - some of them only to say their name and to voice their support for the Second Amendment - and the line-up included a scheduled slate of prominent ME gun rights proponents. Majority were armed, and some held signs as they listened to speeches. A sign on the stage at the park read: "Montana Kids Live Free, Less Rhetoric, More Guns".

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About 400 people, as estimated by an AP reporter, attended the rally in front of Delaware's statehouse to support the right to keep and bear firearms.

According to the 'Rally for Our Rights' website the movement is based on the following: "Our 1st Amendment and 2nd Amendment are under persistent attacks by the liberal media and government establishments aboard".

The students who organized the event created a GoFundMe page to help cover the costs to organize the event.

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This rally came less than three weeks after hundreds of thousands marched in Washington and other cities to demand tougher gun laws after the school shooting in Parkland, Florida that claimed the lives of seventeen.

The Patriotic American Citizens rally drew gun supporters to peacefully unite together in support of the Constitution and specifically the Second Amendment.

Some organizers urged people to bring unloaded rifles to the rallies.

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