Google's upcoming Gmail re-design will include a confidential mode

Gmail web interface

Gmail web interface

Then they opted for a spaced-out, cleaner design and like most redesigns, it drew mixed reactions with many users missing Gmail's original look.

Google is planning to redesign Gmail for web to bring it more in line with the features and design offerings of Inbox and the Gmail mobile app. The Verge has obtained screenshots of the new UI, giving us a look at what Google has in store.

The Google Calendar too is expected to be more closely integrated with Gmail so that users get to browse their appointments or other details right from within a message itself. The compact view will be similar to the current Gmail design, something that current users should be happy about.

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- Web pages load quickly‚ even in data-saving mode or on 2G connections.

Another notable change will be the introduction of a "snooze" feature, which will allow users to set incoming emails to reappear at a later time. This will thus help sort out the emails that lay the utmost importance for a given point of time. The addition of Confidential Mode will grant users greater control over the emails they send, giving them the option of adding password protection to a message so they can not be opened by unauthorized people.

"We're working on some major updates to Gmail (they're still in draft phase)", a Google spokesperson confirmed on Wednesday. The Mountain View giant has also admitted that upcoming changes might affect several browser add-ons for Gmail.

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Google this week sent out emails to G-Suite administrators informing them that a new version of Gmail is on the horizon.

Earlier this week, news leaked about Google's plan to revamp Gmail sometime in the next few weeks, and from what we've seen so far, it looks pretty good. The new design is now being tested inside Google and with trusted partners. It could be announced at Google's I/O conference on May 8th.

Google is also keen to lure in more developers to build an app for Gmail Add-ons. According to new reports by TechCrunch, the email service will receive an improved design and look, which seem to be aimed at achieving a better sense of minimalism. New design and features will be added in this update along with the ability to reply fast to emails, to snooze emails until later, and a new sidebar to place calendar appointments side by side with messages.

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