Four Clever Baboons Escaped Over The Wall At Texas Research Facility

Credit Texas Biomedical Research Facility

Four baboons made a convict-style escape from a research lab

The centre's 1,400 baboons have access to a walled enclosure containing a selection of "enrichment tools" to keep them stimulated, including 55-gallon barrels.

Four baboons at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio, Texas, rolled a 250-liter barrel to the edge of the pen they were being kept in, and hopped the fence, Metro reports. One of the animals returned to the enclosure on his own nearly immediately.

Jannelle Bouton, a witness, said she saw clearly that staff "were panicking" as the baboons ran along the main road.

"The baboon stopped at one point and he was just looking, and then it darted into the bushes and these guys are frazzled and they are freaking out", Ms Janelle Bouton, who was on her way to a local supermarket, told KSAT-TV. "Our animal capture team and the entire animal care team acted diligently and followed protocol to locate, secure and account for the baboons". "Upon noticing the animals on top of the enclosure, our animal care team immediately removed the barrels from the enclosure and alerted the animal capture team". They allow the animals to mimic foraging behavior.

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Dr. John Bernal, an attending veterinarian at Texas Biomedical Research Institute's Southwest National Primate Research Center, said the animal care team used "verbal and hand signaling commands to corral the baboon" on the street.

'Baboons, as with all our animals, are critical to biomedical research'.

San Antonio - Baboons at a research facility in Texas escaped over the weekend by climbing out of their enclosure using a barrel.

However, in the aftermath of the escape news, animal rights group Peta has released documents which it says undermine the facility's claims that its animals are "treated with reverence".

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None of the baboons were hurt during the escape, according to the station.

The facility's assistant vice president of communications, Lisa Cruz said it was a "truly unique incident". The institute added, "We have almost 1100 baboons on the property that date back eight generations".

"Baboons are crucial to metabolic lookup, cardiovascular research, neurological research, vaccine studies".

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